Our Approach

We all have histories, connections, and culture that influence our actions, beliefs and assumptions about the world. It is through the transparency of these lived experiences that we come to know each other better, to trust, and to build towards a better future. We work in relationship with communities, organizations, and government agencies in sustained activity towards this future with a grounding in respect, compassion, and cooperation of all who contribute to our rich community cultural wealth.


Who We Are

Deb L Morrison, PhD

Deb is committed to fostering climate justice action, collective empowerment, and learning. She works in collaborative partnerships with people, communities, and organizations in Canada, the United States, and across the world. Deb is a scientist, educator, writer, learning scientist, mother, and locally elected official.

Chris Cameron, MSc

Chris is a life sciences researcher, published writer, community organizer, filmmaker and radio programmer. She focuses her work on collaboratively designing solutions that act to dismantle environmental racism perpetuated by ongoing white supremacy and capitalism. Chris coordinates a community designed radio project called Sound Ecology - incorporating artists' climate oriented philosophies and cultural experiences presented as sonic toolkits for the collapsing world.

Haley Crim

Haley is a climate researcher working to accelerate just, community-driven, all-of-society climate action through education, workforce development, communication, and civic engagement. Outside of work, she volunteers with local governments to do greenhouse gas inventories and design mitigation and adaptation plans to ensure that every community has the knowledge and tools they need to take action on climate.

Kathy Cronk

Kathy is a retired Human Resources professional and now spends the bulk of her time working for and worrying about climate change. She is a propagator of food, seeds, and community. A community leader, cook, and organizer. A lover of the soil, Earth and her ecosystems. A listener, problem solver, seeker, reader of people, and listener. Jigsaw puzzle and knitting addict. A chameleon, able to morph to almost any job. A special thank you to Julie Johnston ( and Dr. Peter Carter for their unwavering education on climate change; this profile would not exist without the both of you.

Tania Honan

Bio coming soon