Our Collaborations

We have engaged in a wide range of projects and are open to new and innovative collaborations. Our approach is to build partnerships for the specific needs of a given effort that help to further network, build capacity, and resource those engaged long after we have completed our work.

Local and Regional Collaborations

Learning design, organizational change.

Learning design, facilitation, consultation.

Consultation & Advising

Washington Citizens Climate Assembly 2021


National Collaborations

Consultation & advising, Learning design, Talks/presentations, Facilitation, Publication collaboration

Organizational change, Consultation & advising, Learning design, Talks/presentations, Facilitation

Consultation & advising, talks/presentations, facilitation.

Organizational change, publication collaboration.

US ACE Coalition

Organizational change.

Publication collaboration, organizational change, talk/presentation.

Organizational change, consultation & advising.

Publication collaboration, organizational change.

Organizational change, learning design, publication collaboration, facilitation.

International Collaborations

Learning design, organizational change.

Organizational change, Talk/presentation.


Learning design, talk/presentation.

Consultation & advising, publication collaboration, learning design.

Learning design, facilitation, publication collaboration.



Facilitation, Collaborations


Talk/Presentation, Learning design, facilitation

Other Collaborations

Publication collaboration.


Publication collaboration.