An Ace National Strategic Planning Framework for the United States

In 2020, a broad network of folks involved in climate science, justice, and learning contexts collaborated on an ACE National Strategic Planning Framework for the United States to support the creation of a national U.S. Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE) plan in fulfillment of the Paris Climate Accord.

Implementing ACE in the US will both signal our nation’s renewed commitment to responsible international climate governance and jumpstart effective, just, community-focused climate action across the country.

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International cooperation highlighted in this multi-author framework that was produced to provide a strategy in combatting the climate crisis using already focused efforts of community organizations. This work was written by all of society from different viewpoints across the global climate space.


This project has been done in deep collaboration over time with a broad range of ACE Community members including coordination team members and strategic reviewers. In addition, this effort has hundreds of organizational and individual signatories.



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