US ACE Inventory

As part of the initial work of the domestic National Action for climate Empowerment (ACE) Focal Point to make coherent the UNFCCC Article 6 activities within the US, we are working with a diverse team to map out the internal federal programs currently engaged in this work. Our team is involved in helping with research design and with synthesizing the findings of the inventory into a white paper for use in defining next steps of US ACE federal action.

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Organizational Change

The report included an inventory of International Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE) work for a comparison and to understand the opportunities the United States of America has to collaborate and advance climate work through international cooperation with Chile, Ghana and Dominican Republic.

Publication Collaborations

The final stocktake report was published by NOAA in collaboration with several authors in the climate space including Isatis Cintron-Rodriguez, Haley Crim, Frank Niepold, Tom Bowman and Bart Merrick.



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CAR report for 2021 . we can list ourselves as contributors…see Frank for the citation.