We all have histories, connections, and culture that influence our actions, beliefs and assumptions about the world. It is through the transparency of these lived experiences that we come to know each other better, to trust, and to build towards a better future. We engage in this work through collaborative participatory based design processes that leverage the values, activities, and wisdom of a given community and ensure that the diverse perspectives and experiences within the community are engaged. 

Building on this collaborative mindset, we believe that the strength to tackle climate change comes from within and between community ties. As an organization, rather than providing a top-down approach, we seek to help build, develop, and enhance the bonds between and across movements, from local to global. We help to lift, showcase, and amplify other voices and movements doing the work around climate justice through our connections to academia and government organizations. Establishing learning networks, hubs, and institutions that facilitate these types of collaboration across the globe—connecting community and educational spheres— is one of our central goals. 

Justice is always centered in our approach and process. We actively seek to change and enhance conversations around climate learning to promote solutions to be grounded in justice and equitable practices. Our approach to providing support is collaborative, participatory, cooperative, and rooted in critical feminist pedagogy, which shifts the role of educator to that of a co-learner or guide. As such, we work in relationship with communities, organizations, and government agencies in sustained activity towards this future with a grounding in respect, compassion, and cooperation of all who contribute to our rich community cultural wealth. We consistently revisit our approaches to learning and consider the representation of voices at the table in our work.

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