Our Team

Deb L. Morrison, PhD

Executive Director

Deb is a climate and anti-oppression activist, scientist, learning scientist, educator, mother, locally elected official, and many other things besides. She shares this narrative knowing that all of us are products of our past and the world in which we are situated. We all have histories, connections, and culture that influence our actions, beliefs and assumptions about the world. She too is a result of where she has been, what she has experienced, and the people who have been central to her life and inspired her in the work she does in the world. It is through the transparency of these lived experiences that we come to know each other better, to trust, and to build towards a better future. Deb works towards this future with a grounding in respect, compassion, and cooperation of all who contribute to our rich community cultural wealth.


Chris Cameron, MSc

Director of Research and Engagement

Chris has an MSc from McGill University and a BSc from the University of British Columbia (UBC). After managing a research lab at UBC, she spent the next two years with Deb, learning from and working together to form the NGO, CLEAR Environmental. Chris focuses on collaborative learning design with community based organizations and engages in work with institutions who are committed to centering environmental and climate justice in their work. Chris also coordinates a community designed radio project called ‘Sound Ecology’ that incorporates artists' climate oriented philosophies as sonic toolkits.


Haley Crim

Climate Policy Advisor

Haley is an interdisciplinary researcher focused on just climate solutions. She has worked with local and national governments, international organizations, and community groups on their most pressing climate capacity and engagement challenges. She has written and spoken in both research and policy arenas, including for the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Journal of Science Policy and Governance, and the American Geophysical Union. As a member of the executive committee for the Science and Society Section of the American Geophysical Union, she works to promote interdisciplinary, solutions-focused research across physical and social science. She has a B.S. in Ecology and Earth Systems from Bates College in Maine.


Kathy Cronk

Managing Director

Kathy is a retired human resources professional and is currently actively working within climate change on a community level. She has worked for over two decades as an administrator in the private sector for several major corporations. From 2009-2013, Kathy worked as a professional in the field of Human Resources, providing support to Canadian-based companies. Since then, She helped found the community organization, Pender Earth, which works locally in her community to support environmental projects.


Sarah Jessen, PhD

Director of Writing and Education

Sarah Jessen has a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership with a concentration in policy analysis from New York University. She is a co-editor of a section of the forthcoming Handbook for Climate Change Research & Practice for Transdisciplinary Science Education, and has published research in multiple peer-reviewed journals. In 2018, she co-authored the book, Selling School: The Marketing of Public Education, with Catherine DiMartino for Teachers College Press. For two decades, she has led or participated in various projects in the field of education as an independent research consultant. She is also a faculty member at the University of Southern Maine, where she teaches courses related to research, statistics, policy, and economics.


Mags Muir, MA

Executive Assistant

Mags is a community-focused changemaker, deeply committed to effecting a positive difference in the world. She is a mother, an educator, community care facilitator and an organizational genius. She has worked in arts education, has a MA in Graphic Design and engages in various community support efforts in her local context. Mags values the unique knowledge and experiences each person brings into collaborations. She works from an ethic of care, compassion, and collaboration in all she does. At CLEAR Environmental, Mags works closely with Deb to maintain our partnership connections and communications.


Graham Garlick, MSc

Tech Support

Graham has 20 years of GIS (Geographic Information System) experience designing, implementing and customizing GIS systems for the Utility sector. For CLEAR Environmental, Graham builds back office automation scripts to manage data flows to support the activities of CLEAR's primary consultants. For fun Graham plays disc golf, some even call him a 'pro'.