Environmental Defense Fund

Here's what we did:

The ECJ Training is a 9-month training including a two-day in-person intensive training in DC followed by monthly online sessions to introduce new skills. Each month introduces a new Module, with an associated tool, for conducting ECJ work at EDF and overcoming workstream challenges.

Examples of our work:

The ECJ Intensive training was developed through co-design with the EDF Justice & Equity team lead by Margot Brown. The nine month training course was attended by a cohort of EDF employees nicknamed Fireflies. Each firefly was responsible for an ECJ related objective and this training helped them identify how to integrate ECJ practices into their workstreams.

Most of the ECJ tools were developed by leading U.S. EJ advocates, and came out of needs expressed directly by EDF staff conducting this work, so they are purpose-fit for EDF. A Global Advisory Group, made up of EDF's international staff, are advising us as we go along to ensure the tools are relevant to all of the contexts where we work. ​


  • https://www.edf.org/

CLEAR Team Members:

  • Chris Cameron - Project Manager and Learning Designer 
  • Deb Morrison - Project Manager and Learning Designer 

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Services Provided:

Organizational change, Consultation & advising, Learning design, Talks/presentations, Facilitation