Education for sustainable development: a roadmap

  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts sit within the broader work of sustainable development. So too does climate empowerment work sit within efforts around learning to live sustainably. In ACE, one of the six elements is about education, specifically; it is this element that connects to UNESCO's Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) program. Thus, ESD is one part of a broader ACE program and provides clarity for what that aspect of ACE may look like in practice.
  • In the most recent ESD roadmap (UNESCO, 2020), the UN General Assembly Resolution 72/222 (2017, p.8) is cited, naming that:

“The General Assembly reaffirms education for sustainable development as an integral element of the Sustainable Development Goal on quality education and a key enabler of all the other Sustainable Development Goals.”

  • This paper can be shared with policy-makers, institutional leaders, learners, parents, educators, youth & communities.

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UNESCO. (2020). Education for sustainable development: a roadmap. Paris, France: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

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