(W)holistic Science Pedagogy and Climate Justice

  • This webinar, part of a series, features a conversation between Dr. Philip Bell, Dr. Deb L. Morrison, Dr. Alexis Patterson Williams, and Dr. Salina Gray. They describe their (W)holistic Science Pedagogy, which encourages educators to engage in self-reflection and move beyond the “fundamentals” in education to engage the whole child and support deeper learning.
  • Pair with the corresponding Climate Teacher Ed Tool from UW Institute of Science + Math Education to facilitate educator learning about this form of climate justice learning pedagogy for their own local context. 

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Dr. Philip Bell, UW Institute of Science + Math Education [pbell@uw.edu]

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Patterson Williams, A. & Gray, S. (2022). (W)holistic Science Pedagogy and Climate Justice. Webinar in The Climate Teacher Ed Webinar Series, Climate Teacher Ed Collaborative, Institute for Science + Math Education, University of Washington. Retrieve from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOrP6a5zios

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